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In these times of economic pressure, supply chain stress, and high inflation, procurement is key to affordable, quality aged care and healthcare. Your engagement ensures we pursue responsible procurement, achieve positive ESG outcomes, provide value for money, and develop strategic approaches.

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About VendorPanel

VendorPanel is Australia’s most awarded Source-to-Contract platform. We provide intuitive procurement tools, contract lifecycle management and supplier compliance solutions for hundreds of public and private organisations across Australia and New Zealand.

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Benefits for Aged Care Procurement Teams

Boost your team with automated tasks and powerful reporting—track supplier compliance in one centralized platform.

Find organization-wide cost savings through a streamlined procurement platform and create operational efficiencies to do more with less.

Ensure compliance with your procurement policies using the right tools to move to a centre-led procurement function.

VendorPanel Solution Alignment

VendorPanel has a modular solution for the Aged Care sector to ensure organisations are set up for success.

Policy Guide

  • A central starting point for all procurement activity
  • Create “compliance by default”
  • Save time answering FAQs
  • Easily update policy workflows
  • Maximise usage of panel arrangements
  • Guide new users to the correct process
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Go to Market

  • Publish simple RFXs or complex tenders
  • Manage supplier lists and categories
  • Track procurement activity by department
  • Capture evaluation notes and scores
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • Pre-market approvals and workflows
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Contract Management

  • Automate reminders and tasks
  • Track spend under contract
  • Supplier performance management
  • KPI reporting
  • Record meeting notes and lessons learnt
  • Contract analytics and reporting
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Time is Money: Improve your Tech Health

In this webinar, we will review the Royal Commission's recommendations for procurement and discuss strategies for identifying savings opportunities in decentralized purchasing.

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Collaboration is Key: Unlock New Opportunities

Discover how VendorPanel’s tools can streamline your procurement contracts across multiple locations, saving you hours of administrative work and eliminating endless emails and spreadsheets.

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The overlooked prescription to a healthier society

Professionals working in healthcare procurement can make a significant impact on the ESG factors that contribute to health standards, so how is purchasing directly linked to health?

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