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Ambulance Victoria improves procedures with automated procurement planning, contract management and reporting

Government Agency | 2 min read
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An audit of Ambulance Victoria’s contract system concluded with a recommendation to improve their procurement planning and contract management procedures.

As a result, Ambulance Victoria looked for a Source-to-Contract solution that would automate and centralise all their procurement planning and contract administration activities.

They needed a solution that encompassed their procurement and contract policies in a logical and standardised way, while maintaining a digital record of the whole process.

Ambulance Victoria found a Source-to-Contract solution that fulfilled all their requirements in a VendorPanel solution.

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    Key Challenges

  • Ambulance Victoria needed to improve the management of their procurement and contracts.
  • Remaining compliant to policies, both internal and external, was an important consideration.
  • To standardise the Source-to-Contract process, an automated, logical workflow with notifications was needed.
  • Key Results

  • A centralised solution allows all procurement planning and contract administration to be managed in one place.
  • The transparent digital record is auditable, secure and all data can be included in various reports.
  • The configurable solution encompassed Ambulance Victoria’s procedures and automated them with workflows.

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