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Cenitex moves to centre-led procurement model with integrated SaaS platform

State Government | 3 min read
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Cenitex is a Victorian state-owned enterprise charged with providing quality, innovative ICT services to increase productivity and agility and to achieve better outcomes for the state’s public sector.

The Victorian state-owned enterprise handles over 800 transactions each year and, for the procurement professionals, this was tactical and time-consuming work. VendorPanel enabled a smooth transition from a centralised to centre-led sourcing model, allowing the team to focus on procurement strategy.

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    Key Challenges

  • Centralised procurement meant manually handling up to 1000 transactions annually
  • Reputation at risk of being damaged due to issues with non-compliance
  • Delays causing frustration to Project Managers and Suppliers
  • Key Results

  • Centre-led procurement enabling purchasing staff to be autonomous
  • Full compliance achieved through the platform
  • Process visibility and access to audit-ready reports

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