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CRCS manages funding, contracts, health and safety – all on an NFP budget

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CRC Scase Study

Capital Region Community Services (CRCS) is a not-for-profit organisation that provides services to help the community in suburban Canberra.

Since they rely on donated funds, it is important to track and manage how the funds are spent. This includes showing detailed reports on all programs and extends to ensure compliance with all relevant policies.

CRCS had a requirement to digitise their work processes and identified Contract, Grant, Risk, WHS and Incident Management as areas that needed to be upgraded from manual handling on spreadsheets.

Click below to read how CRCS improved work efficiency and reduced admin costs.

    Key Challenges

  • Using spreadsheets to manage processes was inefficient and time-consuming.
  • CRCS needed to ensure compliance to all internal and external policies.
  • Being an NFP, they were working with a limited budget but needed advanced solutions.
  • Key Results

  • CRCS gained better tracking and management of programs and funding.
  • Internal compliance is now ensured by encoding business rules into the workflows.
  • Automating the work procedures has lowered administration costs in all areas.

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