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Electrical Retailer Manages Multiple Rental Contracts and Automates Lease Processing

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Case Study Direct App Rentals

Direct Appliance Rentals (DAR) offer their customers a wide range of items to lease and as such needed a comprehensive, digitised solution to standardise, track and manage all their various contracts.

A web-based Contract Management solution based on automated workflows, smooth-running procedures and integrated reporting was the answer for them.

Along with managing the lease contracts, DAR now benefits from improved customer and task management functionality which helps them serve their clients better.

To find out how DAR uses a VendorPanel Contract Management solution to manage their lease contracts, click below.

    Key Challenges

  • DAR needed a single solution that could manage their high volume of equipment leasing contracts.
  • They were looking for workflow automation to keep track of all contracts through their lifecycles.
  • Users needed a reporting dashboard to monitor contract events and critical metrics.
  • Key Results

  • Automated workflows improve application handling and the lease management process.
  • Customer management has been enhanced with the integrated, automated communication functions.
  • Task management and permission allocation have been digitised thus ensuring correct procedures are followed.

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