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Acacia Environmental Management appreciate the differences in VendorPanel

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Like most SMEs providing services to the government, Acacia doesn't have a dedicated Tender Manager, and staff are often juggling multiple responsibilities.

With VendorPanel, Acacia found a platform that understood the pain points of an SME. Not only did it offer transparency during the tender process, it gave them a single place to manage quotes, helping the busy team stay on top of things. Their listing on VendorPanel Marketplace has exposed them to additional buyers.

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    Key Challenges

  • Acacia CEO said tendering is very hard as a contractor
  • Difficulty getting public servants to understand SME pressures
  • Acacia felt local gov buyers stuck to suppliers they already knew
  • Key Results

  • Suppliers impressed with how VendorPanel supports SME needs
  • Able to get vital status updates during the evaluation process
  • Feels like a fairer, transparent environment where suppliers judged on capabilities

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