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Swan Hill leverages procurement technology to reduce risk and meet new regulatory requirements

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At Swan Hill Rural City Council, the new Procurement and Properties Coordinator saw an exciting opportunity.

There was the possibility to increase efficiency and reduce risk to the organisation by deploying a more robust tenders system.

While she was researching solutions she discovered VendorPanel. The Council had been using a basic tenders platform without evaluation functionality, forcing buyers to use manual processes to compare quotes before selecting a supplier.

Click below to learn how Swan Hill Rural City Council solved their problems by using VendorPanel.

    Key Challenges

  • Buyers forced to leave the system and use a manual process
  • Disjointed systems limited buyer’s use of internal and external contracts
  • Complicated processes posed a threat to compliance
  • Key Results

  • Increased efficiency and transparency in all procurement activities
  • Reduced risks and ability to meet new regulatory requirements
  • Value creation and risk reduction by using one centralised platform

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