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Automating contract management with a centralised system to empower employees

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Melbourne Airport was storing contracts in multiple locations, including physical copies and siloed software solutions.

The airport’s Legal department often had employees approach them when a contract was close to expiry, meaning they had to carry out intricate procurement processes within tight timeframes. Nimblex Contract Management, a VendorPanel product, takes into account all relevant approvals and workflows, ensuring that contracts are completed in compliance with Airport policies.

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    Key Challenges

  • Legal department often required to complete intricate processes in short timeframes
  • Contracts were manually monitored and subject to human error
  • Manual processes meant auditing and tracking was lengthy and difficult
  • Key Results

  • Employees were empowered to complete complex tasks with minimal support
  • Legal team could easily regulate contracts and ensure compliance
  • Cloud hosting delivered a secure, scalable solution

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