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Increased use of panels delivers real value for NSW councils

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Local Government Procurement (LPG) are always looking for ways to save councils time and money, as well as help them create procurement efficiencies.

That’s why LPG partnered with VendorPanel. As a result, they have improved governance and delivered millions in savings to NSW councils.

Today, over 60 councils now manage all their decentralised procurement on the platform, in addition to their sourcing through LGP contracts.

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    Key Challenges

  • Supplier details kept in spreadsheets with low transparency
  • Hard to ensure councils are using preferred suppliers
  • Councils lacked access to real time data or analytics to inform spending decisions
  • Key Results

  • 12 months after introducing VendorPanel, Councils saw an estimated cost saving of $640,000
  • VendorPanel affordably offered functions fit to council size
  • Better visibility of panel activity

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