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Salvation Army improves control and compliance with digital contract management solution

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After undergoing a review of their contract management systems, the Australian Southern Territory division of The Salvation Army realised that there was room to improve processes, especially in the areas of compliance, reporting and automation.

The Salvation Army went to market for a digital Contract Management solution that would foster accountability throughout the organisation. The solution they sought needed to standardise and automate their manual way of working, without creating undue complexity.

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    Key Challenges

  • Outdated, manual systems needed to be replaced and simplified with a digital solution.
  • Reporting needed to reflect all contract management data, especially for KPI tracking.
  • There was a need to demonstrate compliance in contract management activities.
  • Key Results

  • A centralised Contract Management solution now provides transparency and accountability.
  • Sophisticated reporting tools provide KPI reporting and a whole life-cycle view for auditing purposes.
  • Compliance is ensured, with processes that have been built to align with internal and external policies.

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