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WA Dept of Transport takes control of procurement planning and contract management

State Government | 2 min read

The Western Australia Department of Transport needed to replace an old, inefficient database with a Source-to-Contract solution that would ensure all compliance obligations were being met.

They needed a centralised platform that provided a secure, searchable and transparent solution that would also deliver comprehensive reporting and analytics.

The Department was looking to replace their error-prone manual processes with an automated digital system. This would help secure a clean audit trail and support good governance.

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    Key Challenges

  • The Department’s existing database for procurement and contract management was inefficient.
  • Manual handling left room for errors and duplication of effort.
  • The Department needed strong reporting capabilities to track the complete process.
  • Key Results

  • The Source-to-Contract solution is a centralised platform that manages all processes in one place.
  • Automated workflows, notifications and approvals provide a secure and transparent process.
  • Advanced reporting tools generate reports for compliance and strategic-decision purposes.

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