Business moves at the speed of procurement.

Does anyone really still think of procurement as a back office administrative function? If they do, they’re part of a dwindling minority.

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Procurement is becoming an increasingly critical part of the modern business. Without it, an organisation can't get what it needs to deliver products or services, and things grind to a halt.

Because of this, procurement teams are likely to feel more appreciated than ever - and also under more pressure to perform. VendorPanel helps them live up to these expectations and surpass them by providing them with the tools they need.

Policy Guide

Your business moves fast so, in a decentralised sourcing environment, you need to know that staff understand which procurement policies to apply, and when. VendorPanel’s Policy Guide module ensures that buyers are using the right sourcing processes every time, based on spend, risk factors, or other criteria. The configurable Policy Guide module makes the complex simple and clear, so that staff follow the right procedures, minimise procurement risk and get the best business outcomes.

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Whatever the size of your business, getting sourcing right is critical and can even create competitive advantage. VendorPanel gives your procurement team visibility and control of decentralised procurement - the kind that can lead to spending overruns, poor decisions and worse. Our configurable templates make it easy for buyers to follow agreed processes and to make better decisions, while reducing admin and allowing them to find the best value for money.

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Supplier Management

Whether your goal is to reduce risk, deliver social value through your spend, or find the most qualified suppliers, VendorPanel has an array of supplier management tools to help you manage the vendors who work with your company. Buyers get better spend control to drive savings, mitigate risk and make more informed decisions when awarding contracts or shortlisting suppliers.

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Contract Management

Ensuring your business has a strong contract management solution is an integral part of best-practice, low-risk procurement. VendorPanel integrates easily with contract management platforms - and offers many add-ons to help ensure nothing is missed. This makes the transfer of sourcing data to contract creation efficient and error-free. From there, automation makes sure you stay on top of contract approvals, compliance and renewals.

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BGIS adopts procurement ecosystem model to improve compliance and advance social procurement

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