For energy, mining, oil and gas projects, procurement can be the key to speed and control. Learn how you can avoid delays, overspend and compliance issues on your next project.

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Energy resources

Energy and resources keep countries moving. That's why it's important that the people who supply others are well supplied themselves.

The VendorPanel platform makes your life easier by handling everything from procurement planning through sourcing, contract management and payments.

Our platform empowers you to deal with the unique procurement pressures of the energy and resources sector, helping you keep things cost effective while ensuring complete compliance.

Supplier Discovery

Whether you need a specialist trade at a remote site, to build your relationships with local suppliers, or to increase your social impact through procurement, VendorPanel helps you find suppliers that complement those you already work with. Access to more suppliers opens the door to innovation and creates the competitive tension you need. VendorPanel lets you manage all your suppliers in one place, and gives you full transparency over their insurance and compliance documents.

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In a high-spend, mission-critical sector like Energy and Resources, having a streamlined sourcing process is a key part of your operation. VendorPanel’s easy to use sourcing tools can reduce buyer stress, time and overall spend in everything from large-scale projects to everyday operational sourcing. Buyer templates help your team to follow processes, maintain transparency and make the best buying decisions, while allowing them to get on with the job.

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Compliance Management

Ensure you are making the best spending choices while maintaining compliance thanks to VendorPanel’s powerful integrations with third-party compliance software such as Avetta and Linksafe. With VendorPanel’s Compliance Management solution, Buyers can see the status of Suppliers’ insurance, certification and more all in one place. Help your team minimise risk while reducing time spent finding external data or waiting for compliance documents.

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Contract Management

With so many moving pieces and high-value contracts in place, strong contract management becomes an integral part of best-practice, lowest-risk procurement. VendorPanel integrates easily with contract management solutions ensuring the transfer of sourcing data to contract is efficient and error-free. From there, automation makes sure you stay on top of contract approvals, compliance and renewals.

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