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The proven, flexible platform chosen by Councils across Australia.

Hundreds of councils trust VendorPanel for full management of their procurement activity, including public tenders, preferred supplier lists, and accessing the public marketplace.

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For the last decade, local governments around Australia have trusted VendorPanel to empower their buyers and make the procurement process as pain-free as possible.

Today, VendorPanel is used by almost every Australian council to access contracts negotiated by their State LGA. It is also trusted by various state government organisations to deal with decentralised spend.

Follow in their footsteps and make sure your organization stays compliant and cost-effective, from source to contract.

Supplier discovery

VendorPanel makes it easy for local government to work with existing suppliers, and to identify new ones when needed. Local councils have access to the platform to engage with suppliers on LGA-managed panels. VendorPanel also helps manage suppliers on your own lists and on lists you share with neighbouring councils. You can also find suppliers that complement those you already work with, whether you want up-to-date compliances, or to include locally-based trades and Indigenous-owned businesses in your RFP process.

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Whether you are running a city, a regional centre or a sprawling outback shire, sourcing is a critical part of serving your community and supporting council development strategy. VendorPanel gives your procurement team visibility and control over decentralised procurement - the kind that is typical in a busy local government setting. Templates make it easy for buyers to follow agreed processes and to make better decisions, while reducing admin and allowing them to get on with the job.

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Evaluation & Award

It’s essential that your suppliers have confidence in the fairness of your evaluation and award processes. VendorPanel allows you to run evaluations that are appropriate to each sourcing event. That may mean a simple, documented decision based on price, or a series of collaborative steps that looks at multiple weighted factors and involves specialists within Council and outside consultants. Once a decision is made, successful and unsuccessful bidders can be automatically notified.

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Contract Management

With so many buyers and suppliers engaging in Council sourcing, contract management becomes an integral part of best-practice, low-risk procurement. VendorPanel integrates easily with contract management solutions - including those that are already part of our Contracts Cloud - making the transfer of sourcing data to contract efficient and error-free. From there, automation helps you stay on top of approvals, compliances and contract renewals, while information is securely held and available to those who need it.

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Building a safe and vibrant city for the Greater Dandenong community through the VendorPanel source-to-contract platform

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