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The procurement platform that’s trusted by almost every state and territory in Australia. Big enough to know what the government needs, and agile enough to deliver when you need it.

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State government

Over many years, VendorPanel has built a trusted position with government departments and agencies across Australia. We have shown that we can mobilise quickly while providing the deep functionality that complex government organisations need.

Our platform helps you support your social procurement and local economic development goals, empowering both your buyers and whole communities.

From source-to-contract, VendorPanel makes sure your buyers stay supported and compliant through their procurement journey.

Guided Buying

Determining the best procurement processes in a state-wide, decentralised purchasing environment can be a challenge. VendorPanel can ensure buyers are using the right processes every time with our powerful Guided Buying module. Complex sourcing environments present a high risk if staff are not clear on the step-by-step process required for a given approach to market activity, and this can lead to excess spend, lost time and probity risk. VendorPanel’s configurable Guided Buying tool makes the complex simple so that your buyers are informed, supported and efficient.

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Whether you are sourcing for arts centres or zoos, running the right sourcing process with the right supplier base is what will get you the best outcome from your organisation’s procurement activity. VendorPanel was built to give visibility and control over the highly decentralised model that is typical of government procurement. Easy-to-use templates help buyers to follow policy and make informed decisions, while quotes and data are held centrally, allowing procurement to manage probity and gain insights that drive continuous procurement.

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Supplier Management

Whether your goal is to reduce compliance risk, increase social value with your spend, or find the best value for money, VendorPanel has an array of tools to help you manage your supplier lists, automate compliance, and track performance. Buyers get better spend control to drive savings, mitigate risk and make more informed decisions when awarding contracts or shortlisting suppliers.

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Contract Management

With negotiations, milestones and key dates in so many places, contract management is an integral part of best-practice procurement. VendorPanel integrates with leading contract management solutions, making the transfer of sourcing data to contract efficient and error-free. From there, automation ensures you stay on top of contract approvals, compliance and renewals, helping reduce risk, save time and improve efficiency within your department or agency.

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