9 Ways to Succeed at Digital Change Management: A Checklist

A whitepaper on how you can best accomplish digital transformation at your organisation.

Whitepaper | 6 min read
Digital Change Management

Are you planning to drive digital transformation at your organisation? Many businesses are using technology as a means to improve efficiency, value, and innovation.

However, while the benefits are clear, change management can seem like a daunting process. How do you go about delivering the project, including getting company-wide buy in to measuring your progress?

In this whitepaper, we answer these questions and more, sharing a list of top tips and considerations from change management professionals.

    Key Takeaways

  • Nine out of ten organisations are engaged in some sort of digital initiative, but less than a third of them work out.
  • According to change management experts, a lack of proper planning is often to blame, often caused by business urgency.
  • Key techniques for success include making sure the organisation is ready for change, picking the right metrics to track, and crafting your messaging.

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