The Rise of the Procurement Ecosystem

Putting power back in your hands

Whitepaper | 9 min read

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If procurement leaders know what they want to achieve, they can make their organisations more agile and resilient by creating an ecosystem of tools configured to suit their needs.

This can be more favourable than selecting a procurement suite that tries to provide everything, but does nothing particularly well, falling short of your needs.

Designing and implementing procurement ecosystems is a pragmatic and lower risk strategy for dealing with increasing complexity and rising expectations.

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    Key Takeaways

  • The major procurement suites are now suffering from trying to do everything, but not meeting up with customer expectations.
  • With integration becoming easier, these suites are losing ground to specialist applications that solve key challenges.
  • This gives procurement teams the flexibility to build the right mix of products, and then change them as needs evolve.

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