Compliance Management

Put supplier compliance data in front of your buyers when they go to market and when contracts are being awarded.

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Traffic lights show buyers the status of suppliers on a list
Drill into a supplier’s profile for full compliance details
Supports better decision making at shortlist stage and award

In a world of always-on, decentralised procurement, your buyer’s decision-making will only be as good as the supplier information they have on hand. VendorPanel’s Compliance Cloud allows you to easily integrate with market-leading compliance management platforms like Avetta, Linksafe, Rapid, iPro and WorkMetrics.

Without having to use other tools or databases, buyers see suppliers’ compliance status as they shortlist bidders, and again as RFxs are finalised. Displaying this data within the platform reduces admin and the risk of bad decisions.

Compliance 1
A dashboard provides the procurement team with a status summary, both by number of suppliers and by compliance type, such as insurance
Compliance 2
Buyers can immediately see a supplier’s compliance status (compliant, in review or non-compliant) when they are inviting them to respond to a RFx. This avoids the need to check in other systems or spreadsheets, which may not always be done.
Compliance 3
Give your buyers complete visibility about your supplier’s compliance status by integrating your existing compliance management software with VendorPanel. Your buyers can then easily view what compliance requirements the supplier meets on their VendorPanel profile.