It can be hard for buyers to know how to comply with policy. With Guide, make sure they go to market correctly, even when you're not there to help.

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Foolproof buyer compliance every time
Policy updates are automatically applied
Guide buyers to increase spend under contract

In a complex, decentralised sourcing environment, helping staff understand which procurement policies apply, and when, is critical. Guide helps them to go to market the correct way, depending what they are buying, the cost threshold, risk-level or other factors.

All buyers remain compliant simply by working through the easy-to-follow steps. The platform then documents a set of instructions specific to the procurement task they need to undertake, whether that is going to market for three quotes, or kicking off a formal procurement planning and approval process.

Guided buying 1
The buyer is stepped through the details of the planned procurement, including category of product or service, expected value, degree of risk - in fact, anything you decide is relevant.
Guided buying 2
Guide then displays purchasing instructions based on the criteria entered. These can include links to policy documents, can be downloaded for future reference, and can kick off a sourcing process using the data already entered.
Guided buying 3
The steps the buyers are taken through and the instructions they are given are easily managed by dragging and dropping questions and outcomes into sequences. No coding is involved, meaning that setting up Guide can be quickly and easily done by the procurement team, who can update it whenever a policy changes.