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Your Complete Source-to-Contract Suite

Empower your procurement team with our Compliance System, ensuring seamless adherence to regulations and policies. Streamline audits, mitigate risks, and drive efficiency in your procurement processes with comprehensive compliance management.

  • Increase efficiency
  • Save money
  • Reduce risk
  • Ensure compliance

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Thousands of buyers trust VendorPanel's Compliance, Risk & Governance System

VendorPanel makes it simple for your suppliers to stay compliant

Create compliance by default to enable buyers to complete end-to-end procurement activities in line with policies.

Streamline procurement processes and reduce administrative workload with automated workflows and real-time compliance checks.

Improve transparency and accountability in procurement activities through comprehensive audit trails and detailed compliance documentation.

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Why Procurement Leaders love VendorPanel

I know our buyers are compliant. I have complete visibility across the process and can easily download audit-ready reports.

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Procurement Transformation & Reporting

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Overview of the VendorPanel Source-to-Contract Suite


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Policy guide pmodule

Make sure your staff go to market correctly, even when you’re not on hand to help. Set up dynamic, easy-to-follow steps based on procurement value, risk level and more.

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Procurement Planning icon

Procurement Planning

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Whether your sourcing activity is strategic or operational, a clear plan is the first step to minimising risk. Manage financial, legal and process risk from the outset.

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Supplier Management icon

Supplier Management

Supplier mgmt pmodule

Managing suppliers and their compliance documents takes time. Manage suppliers efficiently, track performance and automate compliance management.

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Supplier Discovery icon

Supplier Discovery

Supplier discovery pmodule

Bring structure and control to identifying new suppliers and give buyers access to existing prequalified suppliers, all without leaving the platform.

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Go To Market icon

Go To Market

Go to market pmodule

Streamline and standardise sourcing, with everything from simple RFxs to complex tender evaluations handled in one place. Give buyers an easy-to-use toolset that helps them follow process.

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Compliance Management icon

Compliance Management

Compliance mgmt pmodule

Ensure staff aren’t working in the dark when shortlisting suppliers. Make sure buyers know who to shortlist or award business to, by presenting accurate compliance data when they need it most.

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Evaluation & Award icon

Evaluation & Award

Evaluation award pmodule

Evaluation and Award are among the most sensitive stages of the procurement cycle. The platform directs buyers to use the most appropriate evaluation processes, based on complexity and risk, allowing them to be always audit-ready.

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Contract Management icon

Contract Management

Contract mgmt pmodule

Contract management on email and spreadsheets creates legal and financial risks below the surface. Use our automated and flexible contract management solution to increase productivity, eliminate errors and reduce cost and risk.

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Reporting & Analytics icon

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting analytics pmodule

Gain procurement insights and drive continuous improvement with Reporting & Analytics. Get more than just spend data with deep, real-time reports that inform business decisions, identify opportunities and keep you audit-ready.

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How VendorPanel ensures Compliance

Reliable Integrations

Combine your existing procurement, finance and other software with the best-of-breed tools you need.

Flexible Ecosystem

VendorPanel is a completely flexible platform that is configured to your processes. Your ecosystem should only contain best-in-breed solutions based on real needs.

Unparalleled Customer Service

It’s not just a platform. The way we support you, your buyers and your suppliers is what makes the difference.

World-class security

GDPR, ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SSO, SOC2… we’ve got your data security concerns covered.

Fast to Deploy

We’ll get you up and running, and most importantly, realising value in a couple of weeks, not months.

Social, Local, Ethical

Our mission is to make procurement fairer, simpler and more sustainable. We connect buyers with local and social suppliers and lead the way for ethical procurement.

See for yourself how VendorPanel will save you time, reduce risk and manage compliance with ease.