Wendell Perumal   |   08 Dec 2020   |   2 min read

Training Subscriptions: The Why and How

Learning development jobs

Congratulations - if you are reading this post you have either taken the first steps towards improving your procurement processes or you are considering how you can.

Implementing a platform like VendorPanel in your organisation can vastly improve how you manage strategic and operational procurement. But, as with any software platform, there is a level of knowledge required to maximise the benefits.

Take a team sport as an example; an individual can know the basics to navigate through a match but neither they or the team will get the best results without building on that initial knowledge and then regularly training to improve performance.

It is the same with a procurement platform. In order for buyers and procurement users to continue to get maximum benefit as the software is updated, we always recommend a level of ongoing training. Our Customer Success team is there to help users on this journey.

Whereas in the past, after the initial implementation, every training session has incurred a direct cost, we have seen many clients this year take up the option of a Training Subscription. The difference? A subscription gives access to a bundle of prepaid (and discounted) training sessions, and the makeup of the bundle can match each client’s expected needs.

Learning Development Jobs

Training is just one of the ways we support users, along with unlimited access to our telephone Helpdesk and online Help Centre. And purchasing a training subscription has a number of benefits over buying sessions individually:


When clients subscribe to a training package they benefit from significant savings (up to 33%!) over training that is booked on an ad hoc basis, and avoid having to make additional funding requests for individual training sessions. This package gives clients the flexibility to create their own training schedule.

Regular up-skilling

Subscription-based training allows buyers, procurement teams and even your suppliers to be up-skilled continuously, accommodating staff turnover, process changes and updates as well as ongoing developments with the procurement platform.


We release regular product updates as we develop new platform functionality. These updates are designed to enhance the buyer experience and give admins flexibility and control over their procurement.

For users to get the most from the platform they need to be aware of this ongoing development. Our training subscriptions allow organisations to customise training to meet their needs, with dedicated sessions for procurement staff, buyers and suppliers, delivered remotely or in person.

Our Training Subscriptions

Our Customer Success team of myself, Alex, Vivek, Glen, Angel and Anita is experienced in SaaS implementation and training and our role is to make sure clients continue to reach their procurement goals through the platform.

Please get in touch with your Customer Success Representative for more information on purchasing a flexible training subscription for your organisation or contact us to arrange a call about options.

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