When time is money and mistakes are margin, you need to get procurement right. Public agency or private business, working in the utilities sector means high service level expectations and a careful eye on the bottom line.

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When it comes to essential state services such as water and electricity, compliance requirements can be high and the penalties for breaking them severe. At the same time, you need to ensure money is spent wisely and under contract.

With the VendorPanel procurement platform, you can help your procurement team deliver to the highest standard while still keeping costs low. Our platform offers integrated planning, sourcing, compliance and contract management, and more.

Procurement Planning

VendorPanel’s powerful planning tool ensures your distributed teams follow procurement processes that are appropriate for the budget and risk level of the sourcing event, with company-wide consistency and transparency. The platform provides features such as risk assessment tools, timeline builders and integrated guided buying to assist all buyers in following required processes. Utilities providers need scaleable, easy to implement solutions, which is where VendorPanel can help.

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Sourcing processes need to be robust and effective, but straightforward and versatile enough to meet the needs of field crews. VendorPanel - including VendorPanel mobile for on-the-road use - can reduce stress, time and overall spend in everything from large-scale projects, to everyday sourcing events. Buyer templates help your team to follow processes, maintain transparency and make the best buying decisions, while allowing them to get on with the job compliantly and safely.

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Compliance Management

Your procurement team will make the best sourcing decisions, while ensuring suppliers are fully compliant, thanks to VendorPanel’s powerful integrations with platforms such as Avetta, Rapid and Linksafe. With VendorPanel’s Compliance Cloud, buyers can see the status of suppliers’ insurances, certifications and more all in one place. Help your team minimise risk while reducing time spent finding external data or waiting for compliance documents.

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Contract Management

With so many agreements, variations and expiry dates, strong contract management becomes an integral part of best-practice, low-risk procurement. VendorPanel integrates easily with contract management solutions - and offers tailored solutions specific to your services needs - making the transfer of sourcing data to contract efficient and error-free. From there, automation makes sure you stay on top of contract approvals, compliance and renewals.

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