Keeping our cities, regions and economies moving is serious business. Procurement - by port, airport, rail operators and others - has an increasingly important role to play. Without procurement, Australia and New Zealand stop.

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Getting people what they need is vital in the transport industry, whether it's a package or through procurement. From source-to-contract, your buyers want to move from A to B as quickly as possible, while staying compliant and cost-effective.

VendorPanel helps you turn your organisation's procurement function into a business enabler. With our integrated set of modules covering everything from planning to contract management, you can get your processes exactly where you want them to be.

Procurement Planning

VendorPanel’s powerful procurement planning module ensures your whole team follows the same processes, with company-wide transparency. Features such as risk assessment tools, timeline builders and guided buying ensure a robust and streamlined planning process for all buyers, even before a sourcing event is initiated. That sets your full procurement cycle up for success, essential when you are supporting a complex transport operation.

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Sourcing is a critical part of serving your internal customers and keeping the wheel turning day in, day out. VendorPanel gives your procurement team visibility and control over every aspect of sourcing in the decentralised procurement environment that is typical in the world of transport. This helps you reduce risk and deliver the best value for money. Templates make it easy for buyers to follow agreed processes and to make better decisions, while reducing admin and allowing them to get on with the job.

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Compliance Management

Ensure your entire buying team is compliant and making the best spending decisions thanks to VendorPanel’s powerful integrations with third-party compliance software like Avetta, Linksafe and Rapid. With VendorPanel’s Compliance Cloud, buyers can see the status of suppliers’ insurance, certification and more - all in one place. Help your team minimise risk while reducing time spent finding external data or waiting for compliance documents from vendors.

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Contract Management

With so many buyers and suppliers to manage, contract management becomes an integral part of best-practice, low-risk procurement. VendorPanel integrates easily with contract management solutions - including those that are already part of our Contracts Cloud - making the transfer of sourcing data to contract efficient and error-free. From there, automation helps you stay on top of approvals, compliances and contract renewals, while information is securely held and available to those who need it.

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