Reporting & Analytics

Learn what’s really going on. Drive continuous improvement in procurement with data-driven insights and increase efficiency across all of your sourcing activity.

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Get beyond simple spend data with real-time reports
Advanced analytics to drive informed business decisions
Capture the data you need to stay audit-ready

As procurement becomes an ever more critical function, and as you build the suite of integrated tools that meets your needs, reporting and real time data analysis become more important than ever.

VendorPanel Analytics is not just about historic spend data. It helps you understand buyer and supplier behaviour so that you can identify opportunities to add value, deliver improved service in your organisation, and support broad business goals.

Analytics 1
Apart from the efficiency and compliance benefits, managing all of your strategic and operational procurement on a single platform unlocks data-driven insights. Get beneath the surface of what is happening, and drive real improvement through the procurement function.
Analytics 2
Not everyone wants to be a data scientist. We get that. The VendorPanel platform captures a vast amount of data, but how you use it is up to you. Standard reports, advanced analytics, data exports that can be studied in other tools - you have the flexibility to do what you need, and we have the experience to help.
Analytics 3
Data is powerful and so are the tools that turn it into actionable insights. The VendorPanel difference is that your Customer Success Manager will work with you to turn those actionable insights into actions- part of an ongoing engagement plan to ensure you get the best return on your investment in procurement technology.