Your VendorPanel Implementation: what to expect

From this point on, you’re in good hands. We will work closely with you every step of the way ensuring you are fully implemented and ready to roll out to your organisation.

Now that you have signed up, your new procurement platform can be set up in a matter of days.

Full implementation typically takes 8-12 weeks, spanning from when you sign your contract to your first request being posted.

We will work with you during this time to develop a tailored implementation plan to ensure your time-to-value is quick and efficient. The plan will cover technical and data setup, user training, and onboarding your buyers and suppliers.

While not a resource heavy process, time does elapse in the Activation stage while suppliers and buyers are engaged and onboarded.

The typical implementation journey contains four stages, comprising nine phases.

The diagram below provides a high level overview of this process, as well as key tasks and timings.

Your Activation Consultant, Customer Success Manager and our Support team will stay on hand to support you through the life of your contract.


Procurement Platform

Set up your new procurement platform in a matter of days.

Drive Adoption

Drive adoption, change and ROI with impactful communication.


Ensure fast time-to-value with a structured implementation process.