Digitally Transforming Procurement

The opportunity in the 'long tail'

Whitepaper | 9 min read

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Managing operational procurement has typically been cumbersome and time-consuming, with many organisations relying on a combination of ERP systems, spreadsheets, emails and tender portals.

Not only is this not efficient or cost-effective, it also leaves the door wide open for non-compliance. Things can be lost in email or biased towards incumbent suppliers.

But with new technologies, CPOs can disrupt the status quo and ensure this decentralised procurement spend is cost effective, efficient, compliant and ethical.

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    Key Takeaways

  • Change operational procurement step-by-step. Focus on one priority, like cost avoidance, then build momentum for further change.
  • Pick a solution that is ‘best of breed’ to retain organisational freedom and exploit emerging technologies as they develop.
  • This agile approach helps CPOs and CIOs make a compelling business case for digitisation to other stakeholders, with tangible examples.

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