Mining and Metals post COVID-19

How ESG, efficiencies, and digital transformation can drive recovery

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Like many industries, mining and metals reacted to the impacts of COVID-19 by scaling back operations, suspending new explorations and other belt-tightening measures.

As the sector begins on the road back to prosperity, organisations need to shift their strategic focus from just surviving to how to thrive post-COVID.

Recovery can be accelerated by focusing on digital transformation, efficiency and ESG initiatives. Read more about how these key factors can help your organisation succeed.

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    Key Takeaways

  • You can address rising costs by sourcing competitively with the right software, improving purchase value and saving time.
  • By leveraging a central system or an ecosystem of technology, you can streamline procurement processes, improve spend analysis, and more.
  • Software can help you support and source from compliant social, indigenous and local suppliers, and meet your ESG initiatives.

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