Taming the long tail

Is the key to unlocking procurement value hiding in plain sight?

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One of the greatest opportunities for procurement to have impact lies in long-tail spend, the large volume of lower-value sourcing across an organisation.

It is not uncommon for the long tail to account for 40-60% of procurement spend. And yet, it is often overlooked due to being considered low value and low risk.

Addressing your organisation’s long-tail spend has the potential to add significant business value, mitigate risks, and elevate procurement’s position within the organisation.

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    Key Takeaways

  • Long-tail expenditure often makes up the majority of procurement spend, and over 90% of the volume of sourcing events.
  • Challenges exist in decentralised procurement due to manual processes hindering data accessibility and compliance.
  • Procurement software can manage these challenges by providing full visibility of decentralised sourcing and making buyer compliance easy.

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