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Leveraging sub-tender procurement to drive local economic development

Local Government | 5 min read
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This independently-audited study of 25 clients' use of VendorPanel Marketplace showed a high degree of engagement with the local supply chain and cost avoidance benefits of 9.74%.

BuyRegional unlocked powerful data that can be used for more targeted local supplier capacity building. This is a massive opportunity for our regions. The case study won a CIPSA Award for The Most Innovate Use of Technology in Procurement.

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    Key Challenges

  • Including local suppliers in approaches to market
  • Demonstrating local economic benefit
  • Helping councils maintain procurement best practice and value for money
  • Key Results

  • Audited 9.74% cost avoidance savings
  • Increased local supplier engagement and data visibility
  • 84.4% of spending went to local economy

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