Policy change drives adoption and fast ROI in procurement technology

Local Government | 4 min read
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Prior to VendorPanel, sourcing information was disconnected making it incredibly laborious to prove probity. As a result, a consensus to implement a digital solution was quickly reached.

When the Shire of Wyndham-East Kimberley brought their 40 purchasing staff and suppliers onto VendorPanel, they achieved 32% cost avoidance, reduced administration and freed the procurement team up to support both buyers and suppliers more effectively.

    Key Challenges

  • No policy for using a central platform for purchases over $10K
  • Sourcing information was disconnected and in multiple email threads
  • No standardised way for suppliers to work with council
  • Key Results

  • Regional suppliers gained a single place to do business with the Shire
  • Quick adoption as buyers found the solution easy and efficient
  • All sourcing activity can be reported on

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