Building a safe and vibrant city for the Greater Dandenong community through the VendorPanel source-to-contract platform

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The City of Greater Dandenong were looking to simplify procurement and supplier management, reduce risk, maximise savings, and drive positive social outcomes for the region.

Enter VendorPanel, an innovative Source-to-Contract platform. With VendorPanel, the City of Greater Dandenong were able to offer a more streamlined buyer experience. On top of this, the platform helped ensure only suppliers with the right compliance status were used.

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    Key Challenges

  • Obtaining quotations was a manual task across documents, email, calls, etc.
  • Poor visibility on all suppliers being used by council
  • No visible documentation, potentially inconsistent sourcing process
  • Key Results

  • Streamlined business processes, including quotations
  • Easy single source for procurement, no more multiple registers
  • Set up for more savings in the future through supplier collaboration with other councils

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